Dinner in Rome before heading to Sicily

The start of our 3rd trip to Italy, this time we are off to Sicily.  David and Stephanie love Sicilian wines so we all thought we should go to this beautiful island and discover what they are like right from the vine.  LOL like we need an excuse to go to Italy.

The cats are all locked inside driving us nuts, so we book our Uber to the airport early.  Works out great as we have a lovely dinner at the Sheraton, highly recommend the Thai chicken soup and the chicken swarma quesadilla which Jim and I shared.

The plane wasn’t full so we were lucky enough to have 3 seats for 2 of us. Still impossible to sleep.   Land in Rome, taxi for 25 Euros to Best Western Airport, about 10 minutes away. Check in and right to bed. Jim asleep in seconds, Took me a bit as always but did manage to get about 3 hours.

Up and off we head for dinner in Rome. 60 euros for a taxi or 8 euros for the bus. The bus is perfect. The lady at the counter tells us to pick it up in front of the supermarket, it has 3 stops, there, the airport and Rome. Perfect. Off we head. A number of people are waiting, and waiting and waiting and finally the bus comes, we hop on with everyone else. Have no idea how to pay so we just grab a seat. Great drive in, way more than 3 stops, looks like we have got on the local bus. After 30 minutes it turns into the Eur Magliana  metro stop, everyone hops off, so we do too. We talk to a young English couple that we followed onto the bus, they laughed and told us to get on the Metro and head into Rome. We ended up buying 3 tickets for 1.50 euros each, find a security ask him how to get to the Coliseum and we are off again. Magically we appear at the Coliseum. And it is magical at nighttime. Still lots of construction going on, but with all the little lights on, it is beautiful.

Then we just start following the crowds again, and magically we appear at my favourite building the Pantheon, Palazzo Naro  where we have dinner at the Hostaria del Pantheon.  I can’t stress enough how good the food and wine is and how reasonable the prices are.

Another little walk around and it is time to grab a cab back to the hotel. 50 euros, the driver was excellent. Italians know how to drive on highways, guess what the passing lane is for passing, yes sometimes the passing is done at 150 Khm, but they go out they pass, they move back into the middle lane. If someone comes up your ass your move over. It was like a ballet.

We are both ready for bed before our flight to Sicily tomorrow, new ground to cover, can’t wait.


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