Water everywhere as we cruise to Alaska

The next morning the smoke is gone, there is a crisp breeze (tie your hat down), and if you want to be on the bow you better have your winter jacket on. Our goal is to do 10000 steps up and down stairs over the course of the day and eat more chocolate :).  And yes we checked out the stores, clothing sales, jewellery sales, photo shoots, something for everyone (hence Jim’s Shark Hat 🙂

Everywhere you look is a horizon, no land anywhere, you can actually feel the boat moving, especially at the front with the big swells.

Finally land, from clear skies to fog in the space of an hour.  Ahoy. I can’t imagine what it is like to do a cruise across the Atlantic with no land for 5 days. Thankfully there is lots to do, a game of chess on the outside board, a game of scrabble (much more fun when you don’t keep score, even though I whomped Jim, chess is definitely his game). There are people everywhere and cruise people seem to like to chat and to like to drink. I had to hide in my room a couple of times. LOL. We were talking to a young man from Michigan who just got married. All of a sudden he says “hey there goes my WIFE”. Another lady told us how her Grandfather drove his buck wagon up to Winnipeg to find a Ukraine wife, the first women he met in a diner he took home as his wife to North Dakota”. Such interesting people around when you stop to talk to them.

The staff is amazing and our steward Khushali was wonderful.  Anything we needed (ice for Jim’s rum) was there waiting for us (chocolate on the bed for me).  All the staff had interesting stories and were missing their families, most of them worked 10 months on and 2 months off.  There were staff from all around the world.

I must admit I am missing my internet. It is my lifeline to my kids and I feel so unbelievably far away from them. How on earth did my mom manage with a little air mail letter that took 7 days to get back to Britain, and then another 7 days to return.  Her handwriting was small so she could get all her news in.

Our first formal night is tonight starting off with a Captain’s Welcome with a champagne fountain. I am wearing the dress I wore to David and Steph’s wedding, Jim is in a tux I bought him for his birthday. Might as well join in the festivities.  The service at dinner was once again outstanding and the dinner delicious.  I was a little nervous about sharing a table, but it turned out perfect.  This was the first Alaska cruise for all of us, so lots to talk about.

I almost started to cry when they played the song in the video LOL.  I used to tell the kids that their dad wrote that song and sent it off to Van Morrison, they believed me until they were about 12.  🙂

There were 643 or 463 glasses (either way a freaking lot of glasses) in this champagne fountain, took them all day to set up.  There seemed to be more champagne going on the floor than in the glasses.  The waiters came around with glasses of champagne and we were able to cheers our 40th with another couple on their honeymoon.


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