Glacier Bay

Surprise, surprise, woke up to another foggy day.  How did the Captains find their way around all these wonderful places before navigation systems.  Today we are heading into Glacier Bay a huge national park.  Our first stop is too allow the Park Rangers to board.  During the day they are on the speaker system telling us all about the beautiful area we are heading into.  We headed right up to the top of Glacier Bay to see Margerie Glacier.  300 years ago the whole bay was ice.

The drizzle and fog has stopped just as we arrive.  Clouds keep moving in, over and around the glacier, making for some beautiful and eerie scenes.  Everyone on the boat is out on the decks or on their balconies.  Mitts, hats and warm coats are needed, but when the sun hits you it is beautiful.  The ship crawls very slowly up towards the glacier, no waves.  The water is so still, you could see the bottom if it wasn’t so deep.  Margerie Glacier is 21 miles long, 350 feet wide and extends 100 feet deep into the water.

In the winter there is 150 feet of snow here, almost as tall as our ship. The new snow on the Glacier calf’s all summer long, it is only when the old snow/ice calf’s then the glacier is considered to be receding. When the glacier calf’s it forms little icebergs the sea lions than climb on these to give birth in the spring. This helps keep them save from the many orcas roaming these waters looking for a nice meal.

Sorry I went a little crazy with my camera, the ice was just mesmerizing.  Every so often we would hear what sounded like a cannon going off, we would all start scanning the bottom and sure enough the glacier was just falling into the bay.

The last 3 pictures above are of Lamplugh Glacier, it is just a little one only 8 miles long.  We just cruised by, so less pictures :).  The crags on the mountains show the age and life these mountains are going through kinda like our faces.  As the glaciers recede they turn the rock into gravel and form lovely waterfalls.

What a busy beautiful day.  Outside in the fresh air, running up and down stairs and around decks to get the perfect picture.  I think they are all perfect, even the other 200 I didn’t post.  🙂

Our last formal dinner tonight.  Dress up time and lots to talk about with our table mates.

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