A Quick Trip up to Messina


Excited to be picking up David and Steph today.  The Hotel Ariston Taormina offers a full buffet breakfast with lots of fruit and Mediterranean nibbles, olives, dates, cucumber carrots, in a lovely vinegar mix. Yes there also were scrammies, bacon and potatoes and an omelette station. Breads, cheese and cold cuts galore. Also a lovely mimosa bar with juices and their famous graniti (iced lemonade, like a slushy). And can’t forget the coffee bar, my favourite cappuccino was waiting for me to push the button every morning.

Off we go to pick up David and Steph, we now know the way :). GPS is set up, we leave the parking lot and Jim decides to take a different way. Yap Yap Yap *&^% why can’t you follow the directions. “I learn by getting lost” he says.  And he can always blame me 🙂

Park the car and perfect timing, as we get into the terminal David and Steph are coming out. Yes I cried, yes I cried at the people in front of them whose parents were also there to pick them up. I always cry at airports. They are so exciting, people saying hello to people they haven’t seen in a while, people saying goodbye to people they may never see again. Goes back to picking up our relatives from the airport when we first moved to Canada. LOL

The uneventful drive to the airport wasn’t quite as uneventful on the way home. Jim decided to go into the taxi and bus pick up. It was a barred entry and just as we were going through the bar came down, I screamed like I was on the monster coaster, everyone ducked. Jim yelled at me, he never saw the bar.  Thankfully no damage.

As it was supposed to be raining most of the day in Catania and Taormina we thought we would drive up to Messina for lunch. The rain came down in buckets as we passed by Taormina, but stopped when we arrived in Messina.  Messina is a little port town right across from the mainland – the famous Calabria coast.  Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see anything on the other side.  Being a Sunday it was as quiet as could be.  Pretty sure it would be a different story when the cruise ships are in town.  We were lucky to find a restaurant that was opened. After a nice meal and a walk by the harbour we headed back.

The Golden Madonna greets all ships coming into the port.

The Cathedral of Messina and Bell Tower. The Bell Tower contains the worlds largest and most complex mechanical and astronomical clock in the world.

On our drive back we hit torrential rain, I can’t believe the towns don’t wash away. Time to put our feet up, the kids were pretty tired and so were us old folks.

Relaxing after a busy travel day, our room was just above them 🙂

A bottle of wine to celebrate their 1st anniversary

The nicest part of Taormina is how compact it is and the 100s of amazing cafes, trattorias, and osterias there are. You do have to like Italian which we all do. Tonight we decided to try the Granduca which has a lovely view of the coastline. The meal, the wine, the view were amazing.  We have decided that “while in Sicily drink Sicily wine”, so far they have been amazing.


It starts to rain as we leave so we decide to have a bedtime drink before heading the rest of the way back. BIG mistake. By the time we leave the storm is right on top of us. Let’s run back, we totally misjudged how far our hotel was and how bad a storm it was. Not only did we get absolutely soaked, the lightning and thunder were right above us. Twice I screamed and put my hands over my ears as the thunder roared. Jim decided to take cover. Just as we were approaching the hotel, the lights went out and Stephanie and I couldn’t see a thing. I had to get a key from the front desk as still no sign of Jim. Thankfully he did make it back. I was already dried off and in my pjs. WOW. We won’t make that mistake again. Storms move in so fast when you are on a hill looking over the sea.


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