The Ancient Greek Theatre in Taormina a walk away

If you enjoy history you could spend the week just wandering around Taormina.  Today we are going up to visit the  Teatro Greco, just a short jaunt up the hill behind our hotel.  Yes I said UP, feels like we always go up.  The original theatre was built in 3BC and to this day is still used for musical events.    In the 2nd century the Romans rebuilt it and used it for gladiator events.  Elton John and Bob Dylan have both played here.  I could just picture Elton John singing “Don’t let the sun go down on me” as we sat in one of the 2000 year old seats.  Luck is with us today, we walked right up to the ticket box and bought our tickets and walked in.  Just a few tourists, the views were amazing, you could see the whole coast from up here.  Don’t forget to look up as well, everywhere you look there are wonderful things to see.  We spent just over an hour wandering these ancient walls and passageways.  By the time we left there were bus loads of tourists waiting to get in and clogging the stairs.  So glad we went early enough to miss the crowds.

Stephanie picked our dinner for our last night in Taormina and she did a beautiful job.  It was called Osteria Nero D’avola named after the most famous grape in Sicily.  After our 1st bottle of Nero D’avola we did have to break down and have a bottle from the slopes of Mt. Etna.  The meal and the wine were superb and a wonderful way to end our time in Taormina.  And yes even in this beautiful restaurant there was the resident cat enjoying her tidbits.

Who knew Sicily was so beautiful, friendly and so cosmopolitan.  I definitely was expecting it to be all farmland and little villages.  We only touched a small corner of the island and I gather the outlying islands are spectacular.  How am I going to get anything off my bucket list where everywhere I go I want to go back too.

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