A birthday in Rome

That is a blue sky and is there any better place to be with a blue sky then Rome especially if it is your birthday.  I’m not quite as old as Rome, but definitely think the kids should think of getting a statue done of me before I get any older 🙂

We missed our 10 am flight from Catania, luckily the lovely ladies working for Al’Italia got us out on the 11 am.  At the time we didn’t realize how lucky we were.  Shortly after we left Catania was hit with a flash flood that pretty well closed down the city with mudslides and water everywhere.

After checking into the Airport Best Western we headed to Rome to do our favourite walk from the Coliseum to the Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain.  And yes when we were at the Trevi Fountain we wiggled our way through to the fountain and flipped a coin over our shoulders to bring us good luck and hopefully one day back to Rome.

After 13000 steps we met up with Hugh and Joan at their hotel (Westin Excelsior) for a pre dinner drink and then David and Stephanie joined us for dinner at Doney Cafe, their beautiful sidewalk cafe.  It was a beautiful night and a wonderful way to celebrate 2 birthdays and the end to another unforgettable holiday in Italy.

Arrivederci Roma – until we meet again.

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