The Distillery District Christmas was in the spirit last night

I love doing Christmas things and every so often I love doing Christmas things that don’t mean a lot of alcohol.  Nothing better than a good party, but the thrill of walking around seeing all the lights and happy faces from little ones to old ‘uns (oh my that might be me now :).  You really feel the magic at the Christmas Market at the Distillery District.

I met Jim and Andrew at their office and then we walked over.  I love the Flat-Iron building so everyone knows if we are heading east we have to walk by it.  What a treat tonight, there is a dog park with an amazing dog fountain (empty for the winter), but then there is this beautiful decoration with a dog bone on the top.

Keeping in mind it is a Tuesday at 5 pm, as we approach the Distillery District the last thing we expect to see are cars everywhere looking for parking spots and then we spy a line-up.  What’s that.  In the 3 years we have gone there has never been a line up, ever.  WOW.  There must be 200 people and more people coming every minute.  The line-ups were because of the crowds inside, too many for fire regulatons, they basically weren’t letting people in until people left, so 10 out 10 in.  Looks like work is out and everyone has headed down for a mulled wine.  We decide to keep going east to the next entrance, we talk to the security guard and explain to her that Melissa’s family are inside and we are meeting them for dinner.  With a happy smile, she says IN YOU GO.  WOOO.

There is a gigantic Christmas tree, a perfect place to meet up with Jim and Val and Melissa’s brother Kirk and Allie.  They are heading back to Vancouver so just a quick hello to meet a very important part of Melissa’s family ❤

Yes there were people everywhere, that must be one of the most photographed Christmas Trees in Toronto.  Laughter, smiles, jostling abounded as flashes kept going off.  Trying to walk was hilarious I just kept bouncing off people.  Thought for next year, we all need red hats.  You blink and you lose people.  A nice glass of wine at the Mill St Brewery outside with their propane fires going added to the magic.  The hour long wait was manageable because everyone was in such a good mood.

Merry Christmas Toronto, thanks for another wonderful night celebrating the beautiful Christmas Season.

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