2 Cats tie the Knot

Thursday, June 20, 2019 my son Andrew proposed to his partner Melissa in Stanley Park, Vancouver. They were there on holiday visiting Melissa’s brother. Andrew thought it would be nice to do it there so that Kirk and Ali could join in the festivities. Meanwhile the rest of the family were back in the Toronto area, on tenterhooks, “have you heard”, anything on instagram. What is taking him so long? Lol. When the video finally came through (this is Andrew couldn’t just be a picture) the whole family was celebrating.

Andrew is my oldest child. My children decided to do things backwards when it came to getting married. My youngest Rachel first, David my middle child second and finally the oldest last. You know what they say “save the best for last” lol.

As things turned out it was definitely going to be the most unusual and the most beautiful.

June 2019 the world was a wonderful place especially here in Canada. Plans were started. Meet the Parent dinner in the backyard. A beautiful hot day, everyone was so excited. Meet the Reid family dinner in their backyard, again everything was perfect.

After lots of discussion they finally settled on “The Fifth” as their venue. A beautiful restaurant/club in downtown Toronto. These were our 2 downtown children so they wanted to get married somewhere that was important to them. The venue was booked. The date was set, Friday, October 2, 2020 a cocktail wedding for 150 people.

Melissa asked Kirk, her brother, to stand up for her and Andrew asked David and Rachel. Perfect. This was going to be a party.

Everything was going along famously, next step was to get the bride her dress and Andrew his kilt. There are a few things in my life that are very important to me. Getting Married, having children, graduations, weddings, grandchildren. Right up there was purchasing and taking part in the wedding dress for Rachel, the kilt for David and now the final chapter the kilt fitting for Andrew.

It’s January, a good day for a kilt fitting. Not a care in the world still. Back to the Scottish Company on Leslie Street and the kilt was purchased amongst lots of tears. Also ordered Jim a Blair tartan vest (his mother’s tartan). Life was good.  A definite “Cherished Moment”.  


2 new grandsons were born in December 2 days apart. Life was a little hectic with an appendix operation for Rachel 2 days after her delivery of Tommy and Stephanie’s grandma went into palliative. Emotions and tears were flowing everywhere. Surely nothing else could go wrong.

Wrong, Covoid news started to appear. Being the disaster movie fanatic I was, I started panicking right away. Any family and friends that were away were getting emails from me asking them to come home. I could only see the worst. Well guess what even I didn’t expect this. I definitely wasn’t worried about the wedding. Well I should have been, but I didn’t have to be. Yes the 150 person wedding at The Fifth was cancelled. Andrew and Melissa were on a roller coaster.  Wait until next year, Thankfully they settled on a small family wedding on Saturday, October 3.  And the most beautiful wedding I could imagine was held in our little backyard with 24 people there, who love Andrew and Melissa more than anything else in the world. What more could you ask for then to be surrounded by the people who love you, including the Minister being his cousin Danny, who preached what he believes “All you need is Love”.  

My house is a home, full of cherished memories.  Both Rachel and David had their Wedding Eve night and Wedding morning at our home getting ready.  Memories that will stay with us forever and Andrew and Melissa did the whole wedding in the backyard.  Who would have thought in 1985 that this little house is bursting with memories that just keep getting better.  The pictures of Andrew and Melissa strolling are in the park that the kids played at their whole lives, now full of more memories as well.  

To Andrew and Melissa thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day.  And remember the 2 little words I Do, are said by 2 just 2 people who are the most important people in the world to each other and will be forever.  love you both xoxo


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  1. Beautiful! Tearing up ❤️🍾

    From Christine

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