#5 is Italy, History, Food, Wine, Scenery it has it all

I started this post back in April 2020 when Covoid-19 was starting to shut things down.  The only way my husband and I were going to be doing any travelling for the next little while was going to be through blogs and youtube.  It is now almost a year later and travelling is still closed down, who would have thought.

Italy is my 5th in my top 5 list.  Our first trip was back in 2013 and included Rome and the Amalfi coast.  We were totally overwhelmed with the beauty of the country.  We headed right to the Amalfi coast and set up our base in Sorrento.  I don’t think my mouth was shut the whole drive down the coast.  The cliffs, the water, the little seaside towns everything I imagined.   It was perfect.  We probably walked 12k every day, the hardest decision was which cafe/restaurant were we going to eat in every day and don’t forget our after dinner limoncello in a beautiful courtyard overlooking the square and the coast.  From here we travelled up and down the coast from Pompeii to Amalfi (took a boat trip back from Amalfi) and another boat trip over to Capri.

The last 5 days of our trip was in Rome.  If I said it once I said it 100 times, “oh my goodness” that’s the freaking coliseum, the Senate, the Vatican, this is where the Da Vinci Code was filmed.  I learned more about statues and saw more statues than I thought possible.  Again the food was out of this world, yes my favourite food in the world is Italian.  My favourite restaurant in Rome was just outside of the Pantheon .  Here are just a few pictures of this visit.

Well that was more fun than I thought, so needless to say stay tuned for My Italy #5 Part 2, Venice and Florence.

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