Feeling Adventurous – Back to Britain

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it, I am actually taking a trip. I did 2 visits to St. Maarten to sit in the sun during covid, but this is my first big undertaking since Covid and my back issues.

For the last week, I have felt like I wanted to throw up every day, in between tears I was hiding from everyone. Oh gosh here I go even teary thinking about it. It is crazy how an injury/illness (multiple vertebrae compression fractures which caused my spine to twist) can change your whole freaking life and concept of where your life is going.

It definitely made my family who was always the most important thing in my life even more important. But hopefully this little trip, only 14 days, will help me to expand my horizons a little.

From the time I was a little girl when my parents would sit around singing all the Vera Lynn songs I have wanted to go to Dover to see the White Cliffs. Lol. Imagine my shock when I discovered that the Normandy Coast had White Cliffs as well (trip pre-covid lol) they just didn’t have Vera Lynn and the memories of my mom and dad singing their songs as they reminisced about the War and their beloved homeland.

So here I am and after day 1 I am wishing I could spend a month here. Lovely restaurants, pubs and the water that I can sit and look at all day long (with or without a glass of wine). I can’t say how lovely the Best Western Marine Hotel, right on the harbour is, big rooms, beautiful balcony looking over the water, a great place for a glass of wine is. The bonus tonight is the big storm moving in.

This history is amazing. From the rescue of Dunkirk, a ton of those little boats left from here to bring back our soldiers. The big guns that bombed Dover ever night as over 2000 shots were fire from Calais to Dover.

Here we go

12000 steps today, more than I have done in a week. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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