Family Fun in the Algarve


A lot of 1st’s this trip.  Our first time going away from home for 30 days.  Whew, it has gone fast.  The first time in Portugal/Europe with the Fyfes.  Our first holiday with our first grandson.  There was lots to show him, including many more firsts, his first walk in the sand and his first time in the ocean were pretty big ones.  Watching Rachel and Jay share all these new experiences was priceless.

I gather the 1st plane ride wasn’t something anyone on the plane wanted to remember.  There was lots of snoring on the 2 hour trip down to our condo.  We kept the next 2 days quiet and Ethan adapted to the new schedule pretty quickly.  He also adapted to the Portuguese love of french fries.  By the 3rd dinner we were trying to order things that didn’t have fries.  LOL.

Between swimming pool time and beach time we managed to get in 4 trips to different beaches and towns.  Loule for a market run.  Carvoeiro to visit the Irvines and walk along the beautiful cliffs.  Ferragudo a lovely little town with a great swimming beach and Lagos, the start of the huge cliffs and big surfing waves and a town full of cafes, bars, craft stores and all the characters that come with a bigger town.

Our little guy had no fear, not of the waves, or the temperature of the water.  The water was a like a magnet pulling him towards it, whether he had a bathing suit on, clothes or nothing at all, he would run as fast as his little feet would take him.

These are just a few of the many pictures/videos I will be playing back 100s of times to remember an amazing holiday with our Fyfe Family in a place that is becoming very close to our hearts.  I don’t think I would have made the 30 days if the Fyfe’s hadn’t come over, their timing was perfect.  Now I just have to get the cats over.


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