#1 in my heart, #1 on my Next Holiday List

When this is over and I know it will be over, life will return to normal, or at least a new normal.  My first hope is for everyone’s health and safety.  Walking right now seems to be our only outside past time and I have to tell you I have lived in this neighbourhood for 35 years and I am passing a lot of people on the sidewalks and surprisingly I’m not recognizing anyone.  I’m also surprised at all the old people lol (ie my age) living here now, where are those 30 year olds that moved in in 1985.  What a great neighbourhood we have, that is why so many of us are still here.  Most of us with backyards full of toys again for our grandchildren to play with when they visit, that will be the best day ever when whole families can come again and we can watch our children play with their children in yards so full of memories.  So stay safe everyone so we can add new memories to the ones we already have.

Let’s hope this 28 days will be our last extension.  In the meantime I am trying to keep busy, still working a bit, that helps.  Walking.  I tried a puzzle, seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack, I did manage to get most of the border done, it has now been sitting there for 2 weeks, thinking when the air warms up and the sun shines, I’ll enjoy doing it on the back patio and also that way if I get frustrated I won’t break anything when I throw it.  🙂

What’s next, well it’s time to attack my photos.  And it’s time to dream about where I’ll go on my first vacation, which I hope will be in October, but not really seeing it happen until next May.  I thought I would start with the 5 places I would love to go back to.

Number 1 in my heart and always will be is Scotland.  This is the place of my birth.  The place of my parents and brothers birth.  My childhood consisted of get togethers with family and friends in their strong Scottish and English accents singing the song of their home, from “I belong to Glasgow”, “The Northern Lights of Aberdeen”, and for my mom “There’ll always be an England”.  Now my children join in with Caledonia, the Skye Boat Song and all time favourite the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.

On our last trip there in 2009 we took my dad’s ashes and sprinkled them in the waters off of Troon.  This is where he was stationed for training during WWII, which he loved telling us about.  Jim and I decided after scattering his ashes we would go on a trip to a few of his favourite places, Rothesay and Campbelton.  The fun part of this trip was the 4 ferries we took.  On the way back we landed just as they were closing them down because of the storms.  More excitement.  The picture below is of the Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse, the beautiful song by Paul McCartney was playing while we drove along the narrowest dirt roads we have ever seen.  They were only one lane so at least we didn’t have to worry about what side we were on until a bus or truck came towards you :).


Wouldn’t be a Scottish holiday without the odd game of golf.  So many beautiful courses to choose from.  Stranraer was a beautiful little course in the town where my dad went to when he was demobbed.  It was pouring rain, the locals looked at us like we were nuts, sold us a rain hat and said pay when you are finished, as they laughed.  We stuck it out and it was an amazing day.  The next course was Machrihanish.  As we were golfing we kept seeing these little huts, I thought they were for the shepherds, nope they were for you to hide in when the rain swept in, and yep the rain swept in, by the time we got back to the club house we were soaked to the skin.  We stopped for a meal in their clubhouse.  I was sitting waiting for Jim and to order and I was listening to another foursome, I said to Jim when he came in, oh my goodness I don’t understand a word of what they are saying, you will have to order.  Jim looked over and started to laugh “Lynne they are talking Swedish”.  I thought it was the strongest Scottish accent I had ever heard.  A holiday full of new memories were now interspersed with my mom and dad’s memories.

Next May/June we will be heading over, this time we will be doing Skye and the east coast from Edinburgh up the coast.  Might be some whiskey tasting and a little golf.

Stay tuned for number 2.  Where would you like to go when this is over and I know it will be over.  ❤ Stay Safe everyone.






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