We’re off to Beautiful PEI

Sometimes you just need to chill. I definitely needed a chill vacation and there is no better place on earth to do that then beautiful PEI with Andy and MJ.

Looking out over Toronto from Billy Bishop Airport

The big decision as I packed my bag was whether to take my camera. After a quick call to MJ to see if we were doing any touring or just chilling, we both said let’s just chill. The huge decision became easier, NO camera, NO computer (yes I have my iPad and my phone). I fretted over my decision. As soon as we arrived at Billy Bishop airport the first thing I said was “oh my goodness I can’t believe I didn’t bring my camera”.

Billy Bishop airport is amazing, great view of the city, easy check in, lovely place to wait for your flight and after security, there is free coffee/cappuccinos, walkers shortbread, water and pop. Well I came back to Jim with 2 water, 2 biscuits and a cappuccino. In my whisper voice I lean over and tell Jim, this was all FREEEEEE. He waits 5 minutes and off he goes to fill our bags with water and Walkers shortbread.

Our plane was a prop job holding about 80 people taking us to Montreal. Not sure if I ever been on a plane where I haven’t been beside the wing, this time was fun, you got to see the wheels go up, the propeller turn and a great view of the Canadian mosaic of fields and rivers as we travelled to Montreal. And bonus they gave away free chocolate and chips. “Yes please” and into the bag they go. 🙂

Flying over Montreal

Bags are transferred for us in Montreal, we only have to walk 2 gates and we are boarding the plane for the next leg of our trip. The amazing thing is the whole flight with layover only took us 3 and a bit hours. Easy Peasey. As we come into the terminal there is Andy and MJ waiting for us, like right there, 100 steps and there’s the car. I love regional airports.

Beautiful fields of PEI from the air

Next stop Carr’s at Stanley Bridge for a fish and chip dinner, a lovely bottle of wine from South Africa, while sitting on the patio looking over the bay.


Overlooking Stanley Bridge from Carr’s – the best Fish and Chips on the island

A quick walk down to the beach to put my happy feet in the chillyNext Gulf of Lawrence water on my happy feet.


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