Chillin in PEI


What to do today?  Going to do something I have never done before, I am going to walk up the road I am normally terrified of driving down.  My plan is to do this at least once a day, it works out to between 4 and 5 Kms, depending on how far along the beach I go.

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It is almost a perfect square finishing the last lap on the beach.  The beach is like your treat at the end of your workout.  You keep going because it is right there and you can whip off your shoes and put your feet in the cooling water of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

This is probably the earliest time of year I have been to PEI and what a treat seeing all the lupins in full colour.  They are wild and literally line the roads all along the province.  Enjoying them so much my first walk was a little slower than the walks later in the week.

(Click on the gallery images to see a larger copy)

After leaving the beautiful red roads and colourful lupins, there is the beautiful blue of the Gulf of St Lawrence.  It is a beautiful calm day and I can’t wait to plop my feet into the water.  Now this beach I have walked a 100 times and today as on so many other days there is no one there.  It feels like home.  Today there were some new treasures on the beach.  There had been a big storm before we arrived and a few lobster traps had tore free from their moorings and were now stranded on the beach.  Next to lighthouses, lobster traps on the beach form a true PEI image.

Lobster traps washed up on the beach

The final lap includes a climb up these steps which have been rebuilt and feeling quite safe, just don’t lift your head up, grab the railings and lean forward a wee bit.  When you get to the top be prepared to hang onto your hat as most days there is a lovely breeze (gale).  I am ready for that glass of wine waiting for me at “my home away from home”.

The stairs, scarier than the road



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