Fun in the Sun in PEI

Sun + Water brings out the sillies even in 2 women in the prime of their lives 🙂  PEI and all islands being surrounded by water you can never guarantee the weather.  This week has been an island heat wave.  Calm waters so far,  but,  (always a but), lots of jelly fish floating around and washing up on the beach.  I am starting to think there are more jelly fish in the world than ants.  You learn to look at your feet when you are walking the beach and when paddling in the water my radar was on full alert, my head felt like it was turning 360 degrees as I watched them float by.  Tiny little ones to full out Grandad type jellyfish.  They are known as the Lion’s Mane or Arctic Jellyfish, the largest recorded one had tentacles that were 120 feet in length.

MJ and I learned to watch the waves for the fresh batch coming in.  Watching diligently for a break, we would dash into the water (all of 4 inches high), lie down, laugh and dash out as quick as we could (maybe dash isn’t the right word, you also wouldn’t use graceful as we tried to flip over and pop up lol),  We did excel at laughter and squeals.

While the girls played in the gulf, the guys golfed.  (Hee Hee I couldn’t resist).  The highlight of their day after winning the 5 bucks at golf was shucking their oysters and then rehashing their game.

The domed cottage above is for sale, it was one of the first built at this location has an amazing view and is around 2500 sq feet for $250,000 if anyone is interested.

After dinner while the guys continued their golf stories (think they were up to the 11th hole),.  MJ and I went out and had fun with the shadows from the setting sun.

The sunsets from “Walrus by the Sea” (Andy & MJs) cottage are amazing,  Every night is different, I love the ones that have some cloud involved.  Well this year I  went for a different view and went down to the beach, it was amazing.  The sun reflected in the ripples and on the water, actually seeing the sun drop into the water and the amazing silhouettes of people walking in the water, made the whole walk so magical and peaceful.  As I was watching diligently again this time for the sun actually going out, I was worried it would be quite dark for getting back, but the wonderful thing is even after the sun goes down the sky is bright for another hour.


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