Happy 60th Lindsey, Welcome to the Club

Is there any better excuse for a girls weekend away than a 60th BIRTHDAY Celebration for Lindsey Irvine.  The planning started back in January.  Lindsey’s birthday is today, July 9th, but we wanted it to be a bit of a surprise.  The final date everyone could make was June 1 (black fly season up north so a perfect time to pass on the cottages).  Prince Edward County seemed like an ideal place to go and we found a beautiful little Cottage/House AirBnB on the MillPond.  Lots of bedrooms, full kitchen, lovely deck and not to far away from anything.

The birthday dinner was Friday night with a “Boa and Hat Dress Up Theme”.  Everyone got in the mood and Lindsey still wasn’t sure it was for her birthday.  Such fun.  MJ and I drove down  early to get the decorations set up and the party was ready to begin.

After our celebration drink we went over to Sandbanks Provincial Park for a walk and to work off some calories before we opened our bottles of wine and had our dinner and cake.

The cake was nice and easy, Brownie, Strawberries with a Chocolate Ganache.  Instead of the individual cookie cutter cake, I used a springform pan.  Yummy and you can make it ahead of time.  Girls are great, we love bringing food, so everyone had a meal or appetizer to do.  (Guys order food or eat out :).

Too help keep the surprise a surprise, we did allow Lindsey to bring her famous BlueBerry French Toast Casserole 🙂 for breakfast the next day.  Cathy once again was our driver and took us for a tour around Prince Edward County including a walk around the lovely little town of Wellington where the Devonshire Drake is.  Being a Saturday there was a little market and a fundraiser where the local artists painted a chair.  At the farmer’s market a lady told us about the lovely sea glass in the area so next stop was a walk along the beach to see if there was some just waiting for us.

Back home for appetizers and then dress up for dinner at the Waupoos Winery right on the lake.  Absolutely lovely and you could order your wine and take it out with you to sit by the lake before your dinner.  Food and Wine were both amazing.

Thank you ladies for all your food and help organizing, thank you Lindsey for joining the club with such amazing grace.  Who’s next ????

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