PEI – What a difference a storm makes

After blistering hot temperatures in PEI (according to the locals, lovely by MJ’s and my standard) a storm finally broke over Walrus by the Sea.  Seemed like a good day to run into town and do a little shopping.  First stop was the Village Pottery, run by 2 lovely young ladies.  Some of their colours were just lovely and so different, yellow to mint green, so refreshing, I could redo my kitchen again. LOL.

I quickly showed my age to the young lady working the pottery wheel.  Yep I said it, “so have you seen the movie Ghost”.  The look I received was like “man does everyone your age from Ontario ask me that question.”  I guess yes we do.  LOL.  After a few chuckles I suggested she put a picture of Patrick Swaze up on the wall behind her.  The rain was so hard, cars were pulling into the parking lot to take a break.  A little rain wasn’t stopping MJ and I.  Can’t go to PEI without a stop at the gift store at Stanley Bridge Studios.  From crafts to beautiful jewellery there is always something to catch your eye.

We finally arrived back at the cottage to discover the sea had turned red, so much sand had washed down into the water.  The rain had now stopped so off I went for a walk, crazy how much damage was done.  One set of stairs down the cliff was totally fenced off as it looked like it would topple right off the side.

There was a driftwood tree and my lobster trap that were buried by sand from the winds and rain.  In the blink of a raindrop so much can change on the coast.   And with beautiful storms of course come beautiful rainbows.

Saturday is a travel day and what an amazing day it is.  One last walk along the beach before we head out, so far the windiest day with lots of waves rolling onto shore.

On the way to the airport Jim and I stop off at the Dunes Cafe and Gallery for lunch.   There is a pottery gallery, a restaurant, an art gallery, one of a kind furniture and an exquisite garden all housed in an amazing building.  The owner spends 6 months in PEI and 6 months in Bali (just a wee bit jealous).   The food has local ingredients with a Thai flavour to it.  The Chef was picking herbs from his beautiful gardens as we wandered the grounds.  Our mouths were watering.

Last stop was a walk along Brackley Beach, the dunes were amazing and the beach went on forever.

Sometimes even I get a wee bit poetic – lol.  One of my favourite memories were the “Singing Sands” – as you walked along the beach if you didn’t pick your feet up, your feet and the sand actually sang/squeaked (kinda like my singing).  On the last day when the wind was howling on the beach the “whistling wind” arrived every time I opened my water bottle (kinda like blowing on a beer bottle).  Needless to say I was constantly opening my bottle to see if it would keep doing it.  It did 🙂

Time to start planning our trip for next year.  Thanks Andy and MJ for another wonderful relaxing stay in your little piece of paradise on PEI.



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