PEI Lighthouses

I love lighthouses.  Some of the most beautiful ones in the world are in PEI and some of them have an amazing history surrounding them.

My favourite in PEI is the Covehead Lighthouse.

There is a plaque on the side of the lighthouse describing the Yankee Gale, remembering the eighty ships and 161 men who perished in the savage 1851 storm.

Another favourite is the lighthouse on the French River.  The French River harbour might be one of the most photographed areas of PEI.

Others in this video include the East Point Lighthouse – the 2 currents meet here so there are some amazing waves and lots of seals.  Navigation around this point must be very tricky.  The North Cape Lighthouse is the same but in the other direction from East Point.  North Cape is also home to the Atlantic Wind Test Site, lots of slowly moving windmills along the cape.  The Souris Lighthouse is now a tourist info area in the beautiful town of Souris and the Darnley Lighthouse is actually on private land and can only be approached from the beach.  The Indian Head Lighthouse is quite a hike to get to along a red sand road but well worth the trip.  You can also see it from Summerside.

Enjoy.  What is your favourite lighthouse in PEI or the world :).


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  1. I’ve never really gotten to see lighthouses close up so I am probably not the best person to chime in–but we just saw one in Howth (which is just outside of Dublin) that was kind of stunning!

    • Thanks, we are hoping to get to Ireland next year. I love being on the coast when I travel, so I’m always on the lookout for lighthouses, castles, etc. Enjoy London, it’s amazing.

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