1973 to 2018 how the time flies


March 1973 our first date, Grade 12.  The red headed Viking had me at “Hello”, actually I think it was “Do you want to share my rum” at the Mimico High School Dance.  Number 1 song “Killing me softly with his Song” by Roberta Flak.  Best movie Oscar went to “The Godfather”.  Our first date was at the Humber Theatre on Bloor St, the movie the “Poseidon Adventure”.  It was so foggy in the theatre we missed most of the movie :))))).

BTW children, if you want I can do a redacted version for you :). ……..

1974 Mimico High held their first graduation prom, Jim was on the committee.   The things he would do to wear his white suit.  And yes he was and still is my Prince Charming.

I was working at Ontario Hydro and rolling in the dough 🙂 while Jim was off to University.  We found out pretty quickly that we were on the same wavelength.  Lots of children, good wine, good food, love of family and yes we were going to be millionaires.  He told me that having a chocolate glazed donuts at Country Style Donuts.

In 1978 we couldn’t wait any longer (use your imagination children – but remember I wore “ivory”), it was time to get married.  After a couple of false starts he finally proposed.  We were at the Esso station on Hwy 7 and Bramalea Road.  He asked me to pass him his wallet and there was my ring.  I cried while he pumped gas.  Both of our parents were over the  moon and the planning started.  I refused to get married at the Legion and have my wedding turn into a soccer dance, so instead we opted for the Clarkson Community Centre right beside the icepad.  (It only cost $10 extra for the disco ball, and yes we splurged).  With all the time we spent in arenas after that it seemed rather precognitive.  Jim’s mom went to Century United Church in NewToronto and Jim was baptized there (and so was our Andrew 6 years later) so seemed like a perfect place to say our I Do’s.

2 years later Jim finished school and we bought our first house.  I was ready for a baby, enough practicing let’s start filling the rooms.  Well the best laid plans don’t also go the shortest route.  It took us 6 years of practicing until we got it perfect with the arrival of our first child Andrew, in 1986 David arrived and in 1989 the final installment to our perfect family little Rachel.  Jim and I were blessed with 2 sets of loving parents who instilled in us our love of family (especially children, 11 nieces and nephews between the 2 of us).

On August 26 Jim and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary (haven’t quite caught up to our parents and siblings yet, but we are marching on).  Somehow our beautiful children have become adults and increased the size of our family.  On Saturday, August 18 they booked the Commodore’s room on the Wenonah and took us on a 2.5 hour cruise with lunch on Lake Muskoka (our 2nd home chock full of family memories).  We were all excited and there is nothing better than when something FAR exceeds your expectations.  From Susan meeting us at the door and escorting us upstairs to our private dining room and deck, serving us prosecco to start the festivities off with, and basically catering to our every need.  Thankfully Rachel and Jay packed Ethan’s earphones as we were right by the whistle and there is nothing the Wenonah and Segwun like more than tooting at the cottagers and boats who wave to him as she journeys around Lake Muskoka.

40 years is a long freaking time.  Was it perfect – lol NO.  Were there ups and downs – yes, was it like a roller coaster – yes, were there bumps in the road – yes.  Was it worth every minute – yes (and the grey hairs).  From saying I Do, to welcoming your children, to your children growing up, to having a meal without your children again (that was scary, what the heck do we talk about, we figured it out LOL), every minute was worth it.  Thank you to our friends, trust me you don’t get through 40 years of marriage without a girlfriend or 2 to talk to.  Thank you to our parents for the support and love they showed us every day of their lives.  Thank you to our children and their amazing partners and now their children (wow we have a grandchild – yes a lot can happen in 40 years) for sharing their love and starting new memories with us old folks.

Thank you to my husband for sharing my dreams with me, for his love of family (and cats) and allowing me to be the person I needed to be.  Thank you for helping me to take care of our parents as they aged, it meant so much to me to have them around.  Thank you for our children, they are our world.

Happy Anniversary James Bondson 🙂 (Looking forward to sharing a glass of champagne with you on our Alaskan cruise – now what should I wear for it :)))))




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  1. Beautiful! Not many marriages make it through….thanks for letting all of us be a part of your memories! Love you guys! Jacqua!

  2. This is awesome. 40 years, amazing! Congrats Lynne!

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