A new adventure begins – Sintra Portugal

What have I done, it seemed like such a good idea back in cold dreary November.  Hey let’s go to the Algarve for 30 DAYS.  What am I nuts.  I’m a homebody.  I could have a phobia about leaving my home.  I make myself do it but have never lasted more than 18 days.  10 is manageable.  Not sure what is scarier spending 30 days with my husband or missing my cats for 30 days.  Thankfully we have friends joining us.  Doug and Lindsey are just around the corner (ok maybe 30 minutes away).  MJ is coming for 9 days and so excited Rachel, Jay and Ethan are coming for 9 days in the 3rd week.  I told Jim he better hide my passport when the kids leave, otherwise I just might be sneaking back on the plane with them.

We landed in Lisbon at 11 am this morning, picked up our car and drove right to Sintra the Portuguese Riviera.  A little town on a hill full of castles dating back to the Moors and the Knights Templar.  The President’s palace sits right on top of the hill.  Thank goodness for the hop on hop off bus.

We are staying at Hotel Tivoli which has an amazing view of the valley.  Being a good age, it does smell like there is a dead Viking under the bed.  🙂  And no it’s not Jim …..yet.

After a quick nap we decided to have a wee walk around the town.  Lots of alleys and hills.  Every corner had a wine/port bar or a cafe/pastry bar.  We were in heaven.   It was a wee bit chilly and damp but no rain, and great walking weather, a little grey for the pictures especially with so many of the buildings being white.

The night came in quickly as we wandered up and down the alleys.  The town was actually very quiet, the stores all started closing at 7, but we found an amazing place for dinner called Tacho Real.  Jim had a curried prawn and I had a salad Nicosie.  Delish, Yes with a bottle of Portuguese wine –  from the Alejantro district I think called Defesa.  Looks like an early night to catch up on sleep and excited for the day to start tomorrow.



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