2 days isn’t enough in Seville, Sad to be leaving

Today was all about our horse and buggy ride, we are not leaving without it.  And oh boy, it was so worth it.  Wish we had done it the first day, as it is a great overview of the old town and the beautiful sights around it.

Our buggy rider was a maniac, neither cars, buses or tourists were stopping him from getting his tour in.  There were a few groups of people he just rode right through, with his little whip in the air (not for the horse for the people).  Our driver didn’t speak the best English so you didn’t get the knowledge of the hop on hop off bus, but still a lovely way to see the town.  LOL, his first stop was for a beer for himself and a bucket of water for the horse and it was only 11 am.

The gardens of Maria Luisa Park were just starting to bloom.   The one thing about travelling off season is that we have missed out on some marvelous gardens, from Versailles, to Monet to now Seville.  I love flowers, but I hate crowds, so I will have to continue to let me imagination work for me.

Our last view of Seville, had to be of one of the beautiful, colourful flamenco dancers.



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