Where have I been

Well I haven’t been travelling and I haven’t been at the cottage, I have been enjoying my family, old friends and my garden and cats.  I haven’t even been using my camera.  So much for my “this is the year I definitely take at least 1 photo a day” plan.  LOL.  Started off good, but somehow I became totally distracted.  I won’t blame my little 20 month old grandson who I have been spending a ton of time with laughing and racing around and discovering amazing things in the world.  High on my creative skills has been how to get him to sit still for a diaper change or how to entice him into his crib.  My baby shark play-do might have been the highlight for the month of July.  🙂


Today is a me day (although I am supposed to be working, like real working), thankfully it isn’t crazy busy so I am taking the time to do a little catch up.  The pictures below were the start of my “Photo of the Day” project.

It’s hard to believe we are 6 days into August.  And what a beautiful summer it has been with finally a little much needed rain today.  A perfect day to work on my blog and pictures and start thinking about getting my camera back out.  I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful season.

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