A Bonus Weekend in Muskoka

Here it is the Labour Day Weekend and we are finally staying at our cottage.  After a disastrous start to the year with an ice dam on the roof that caused some leaking in 3 of the 4 bedrooms, we called our Insurance company and they quickly came out and started the wheels in motion.  Everything started to move quickly and then ka-boom came to a stop, after all our furniture was moved out.  By the end of July I had fired our insurance contractor and am now in the process of looking for a new contractor.  Our furniture was moved back in and I decided to set up our bedroom and we would have a cottage/camping weekend before the season came to an end.  And what a wonderful weekend it was.  Weather was great, water was lovely, lots of work was done (and 2 games of Muskoka golf for Jim).

I decided to walk along 2 of my favourite spots the Muskoka Wharf and Hardy Lake.  Muskoka Wharf which I thought would be busy was actually quite quiet and Hardly Lake that I was worried would just be me and the bears was a traffic jam by the time I left.

There are no better days for taking pictures then a little chill in the air which makes for the loveliest big blue skies.  And both of these days had that.

The Segwun and Wenonah were getting ready for their sailings later in the day.  Lucky for us they both went right by our cottage, one of them with a beautiful wedding on board.  You always know September is around the corner by the beautiful monarch butterflies enjoying their flight through the fall flowers.

Jim was off to golf at 6:30, yes I said 6:30 am.  So after my coffee it was time to go for a 40 minute paddleboard before I headed off to Hardy Lake.  When I pulled up to the parking lot I couldn’t believe that there was only 1 spot left and it had my name on it.

The night was so peaceful that we were able to have our 4th fire, a glass of red wine in hand and no bugs to worry about.  A beautiful end to a wonderful weekend.

As sad as we were to leave, you learn pretty quickly that if you are travelling on a holiday Monday it better be 1st thing in the morning or after 8pm.  I popped the 3 cats in their cages, grabbed my coffee and hit the road by 8:00 am.  Perfect.

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