Beautiful Ontario in the Fall

How lucky am I, a friend of mine also named Lynne recently bought a cottage up in the Owen Sound area.  My recollection of  my only other visit to this area was a camping weekend in Sauble Beach with my boyfriend, older brother, sister-in-law and their 3 kids at the time.  The only campground we could find was a farmers field with no trees, 30+ degrees (I think global warming started in 1973).  Not quite the romantic weekend 2 18 year olds were hoping for :).

This visit was at the total opposite end of the spectrum.  A beautiful house/cottage with the water 50 feet away, our own beds, good red wine, and girl time.  I didn’t need anymore than that.  That day we had a lovely walk along the beach and through the area.  An absolutely lovely area for bike riding (I’m going to take it up again sooooooon :).



The next morning as we relaxed with our coffee/tea, Lynne suggested we go for a hike.  WHAT, have you seen this view, that Muskoka chair is calling my name.  Anyway I put a grin on my face and off we went.  OH MY GOODNESS, what an amazing area.

For the past 5 years, every June 1st, my calendar comes up and says go to Tobermory.  And every year I move it ahead to the next year.  Holy Mackerel, this region is so beautiful.  I sometimes wonder why I travel out of country when there are areas as beautiful as this around.

Our excursion took us to Harrison Park where we were able to watch the salmon trying to get up the river to spawn.  The salmon are running all over Ontario right now, it is quite the sight.  They live in the ocean for about 4 years to get strong enough to make the trip back, lay their eggs and die.  A salmon’s life is quite the story and so important for our planet.



Next we were off to Inglis Falls, just a short trip up the hill.  We drove and on a Tuesday, parking at the top was easy.  As the trees start to change this would be a beautiful place to visit.  It looks down over Owen Sound right out to the harbour.  Keep your eyes open when walking around the top, once in the woods, there are lots of crevices and what looks like caves.  In the spring run off, the water cascades right over the sides.



A short but wonderful visit.  Thinking I may have to try and get at least a little closer to Tobermory.  How does Tuesday, Oct 1 sound, – Anyone interested :).


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