Sedona – Cathedral Rock

One more hike before we head back to Phoenix.  Cathedral Rock it is, not only does it have trails for all levels, it is over the top impressive and it is on the way back to Phoenix.   This is a very busy trailhead, with lots of parking and easy to find.  As you cross over the Oak Creek bed you look up and there it is.  This would have been a perfect location for Game of Thrones, I could picture a dragon on top of the spires. After our busy day yesterday and my tiny little panic attack we decide not to climb up the Cathedral  Rock but skirt around it.

There are stairs leading up to Cathedral Rock after you cross over the very dry creek bed.  The Cathedral Rock trail heads straight up, we head over to the Templeton Trail.  Having truthfully no idea where this heads or if it heads in a loop we finally come across a group of crazy mountain bikers who are taking a break.  We didn’t want to walk back the same way even though it was so beautiful so they direct us onto HT Trail and then Easy Breezy Trail (which is basically walking on the river bed) back to the parking lot.  The bikers also told us that there is great cell phone coverage on the trails so to download the trailhead interactive maps and then you won’t get lost and can find interesting places to stop.  The whole walk was over 15000 steps with views every time you lifted your head up.  Yes I was walking with my head down watching my feet a lot.  I don’t know how the bikers did it.

The riverbed walk was a wee bit cooler than the Templeton Trail, with lots of beautiful plants and trees growing in precarious spots.  How different the riverbed must look in the spring.

If you like walking, hiking, climbing, just being outside enjoying the beauty of Planet Earth than Sedona should be on your bucket list.  We are thinking 10 days next time so we can really relax and maybe actually feel the earth talking to us.

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