Quebec City with a ferry trip to Levi

Well it has been 3 months since “We need a little break trip to Quebec City”.  Here I am finally finishing up my blog from December.  A lot has happened, 2 new grandsons, one on December 24 and one on December 26.  An appendix removal for my daughter with a new baby and a rambunctious 2 year old.  I have been living the dream, lots of toddler time and lots of cuddles.  Babies and parents staying over, not to mention lots of trips to the Vets with the cats.  Yes time for another break and time to get my camera back out.  But before I do that I have to finish my Quebec City post.

Saturday was a cold, chilly and beautiful sunny day.  We decide to walk from our hotel to the ferry dock with a few stops in between.  A lovely breakfast to warm us up and then we head to the Plains of Abraham to start our walk.  Very walkable but watch out for the ice, it hides under the blown snow and with all the sunshine the snow has been melting and freezing up again.

The plains are beautiful with lots of activities for the winter, including skating rinks and cross country ski trails.  Lots of beautiful little gazebos dot the cliffs looking down onto the St. Lawrence – yes it must be amazing in the summer.  But even today lots of people were sitting in the sunshine lapping it up away from the wind.  The Governor’s Promenade built in 1960 is a lovely boardwalk, well maintained that takes you down to the foot of the Chateau Frontenac where they were setting up this luge type run, looked very entertaining, thankfully it wasn’t open yet 🙂  Next time.


No idea how many stairs we climbed down but we kept going right down to Old Quebec where we found a quaint (aren’t they all) restaurant with amazing soups and bread and cheese and oh yes wine.  Next stop was the Quebec to Levi ferry, this is a wonderful trip, it costs about $7 each.  We did the roundtrip without getting off.  That’s not entirely true, when the ferry docks everyone has to get off and go through the turnstile to get back on.  It allows them to monitor the passengers in case there was an accident.  We were able to go out on the deck, it was a little chilly, but again luckily with a boat you can usually find a place away from the wind.  The view of the city is wonderful from the ferry.

Our trip was from Thursday to the Sunday and we never left the city.  Next year 🙂 I would love to do it again, with one day less, arrive on the Friday.  You can only eat so much Quebec food and drink so much wine after all.



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