A beautiful winters day to drive from Bala to Collingwood

Big beautiful blue sky, a little chill in the air and no snow forecast, a perfect day for a drive through wintry Ontario.  Our first stop was to check on our cottage in Gravenhurst to see if any work had been done, unfortunately nothing.  Well now what should we do, nothing better than a stop in Bala to see what is happening with the waterfall and water drainage from Lake Muskoka.  Sad news for Muskoka residents looks like Don’s Bakery might have closed, they had the best buns in the world.  There goes our favourite breakfast sandwich (pea meal, egg, cheese on a Don’s Bun).

Just as we park the car the biggest train I’ve ever seen rolls on by tooting it’s horn.

Life got hectic, this trip was 2 weeks ago and today is the first day I have felt like doing anything creative other than bleaching my house.  We are very lucky to live in Ontario, although we abut to Toronto, we are far enough north, that when we go for walks there aren’t big crowds and hopefully for the next little while we can still take the drive up north to some of our beautiful hikes and lakes.  And the weather is improving everyday.  More sunshine please.


Usually from here we head over to Bracebridge but as the day was so nice we decide to revisit a place that was a favourite of our youth. Collingwood.  It has changed a lot.  The blue mountains are the same, but the town has grown like crazy. When we originally started looking at cottages we were focusing on Collingood, as lovely as it is it is a different lifestyle than our Muskoka cottage which we love.  I am presuming that the next time I drive up, the snow will all be gone and the buds will be coming out on the trees.  Enjoy my pictures.  It is definitely time to get my camera out more often.

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  1. Lovely photos! xo

    From Christine

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